Meet Lucas and Luka, 2019's earliest arrivals

Lucas, with his parents, Manuel David Torres and Mónica Martín in Malaga.
Lucas, with his parents, Manuel David Torres and Mónica Martín in Malaga. / Ñito Salas
  • The first baby on the Costa was born in Malaga just after midnight, with Marbella hospital catching up at 6am

The Costa del Sol didn't have to wait very long for the first birth of 2019. Little Lucas wasn't able to hang on until the champagne corks had finished popping and came into the world at just five minutes past midnight on 1 January. He was also the first baby of the new year in the whole of the Andalucía region, and was born at the Materno, Malaga city's children's hospital.

The second baby in Malaga was Sheila, born at 3.24am across the city at the Hospital Clínico. Elsewhere on the coast, the Hospital Costa del Sol maternity ward also sprang into action in the early hours and a boy, Luka, was born at 6am.

Lucas in Malaga won first prize

"We'll take our time opening the champagne and eating the grapes now," said Manuel David Torres, the father of Lucas, Malaga's first born, referring to the Spanish tradition of eating a grape on each stroke of midnight to bring luck for the year ahead.

The couple had been having supper at 11pm in the Ciudad Jardín district of the city when the birth started. "It was a very fast birth, we didn't think he would be so keen to arrive," he added. It was a natural birth and Lucas weighed 3.47 kilos (seven pounds and ten ounces).

There is no family history of the name Lucas; they chose it because they liked it. The newborn already has a three-year-old brother, David. Manuel David and his tired but happy wife, Mónica Martín, live in Rincón de la Victoria. Mónica works in administration and David in construction. Both are self-employed.

Luka was third to be born

The parents of baby Luka were clear that they had wanted their son born at Marbella's Hospital Costa del Sol. Cristina Morales, the mother of Luka, said that the Maternity ward there had a good reputation and that the hospital staff made the process a lot easier for her and her family.

Cristina, from Granada, and her husband, Francisco Roldán, from Seville, had been expecting their child on 2 January. In the end Luka arrived at 6am on 1 January after 25 hours of labour.

The name is Luka, "with a 'k' but no 's'", they were keen to point out, explaining that nobody in Andalucía would have properly pronounced the letter 's' anyway.

Luka is "a child we'd longed to have, have gone in search of and have found in the first month of the year," and he is the "perfect gift", his mother explained. He weighed 3.39 kilos (seven and a half pounds).

The baby boy was born in the city's Hospital Materno.

The baby girl arrived at Hospital Clínico, Malaga.

He was born at Hospital Costa del Sol outside Marbella.