Winter warmth

Winter warmth

This international festival attracts visitors from across the globe


Friday, 26 January 2018, 11:36


When you think of winter, its cold and dark nights come to mind.

Though knee-high snow is not too unusual in this city at this time of year, its annual festival does its best to bring light and warmth to the more than a million yearly visitors who come to enjoy one of the most elaborate winter festivals in the world.

From 22 February to 4 March, the fortnight-long event will combine family activities, art and fine dining with a variety of theatre performances, circus acts, dinner shows and musical concerts.

Now in its 19th edition, this festival has garnered an international reputation and attracts visitors from across the globe.

Whether at the downtown open air site or at various performance venues across the city, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone, especially on the so-called 'Nuit Blanche' - the penultimate night of festivities with more than 200 activities spread out over 135 sites, including an underground route of some 70 contemporary art projects.

If you know where this is, you could win a prize.

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Last month's photo showed the Johannesburg district of Hillbrow, known for its peculiar way of welcoming in the New Year - throwing old furniture from the top of tower blocks.

Congratulations to Joan Vetter in Estepona who answered correctly. Your prize will be on its way to you soon.

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