"I'm Batman and together we're the 'Superheroes of Hearts' "

The group of superheroes, on one of their visits to a hospital.
The group of superheroes, on one of their visits to a hospital. / SUR
  • The president and secretary of the Andrés Olivares Foundation sometimes dress up and accompany Edu on his visits to hospitals

Theirs is not the saga of the X-Men or the Revengers, and their rivals aren't Magneto and Loki. Their enemies, the ones they try to beat with through smiles, are fear, sadness and loss of hope.

“I'm Batman, and together we are the 'Superheroes of Hearts',” says Andrés Olivares, president of the foundation which bears his name and works on emotional help for children with cancer, and their families.

Although they arrived at the same destination, they did so via different roads. For Edu 'Balboa', the police offer and Spiderman, it was through empathy, while for Andrés it was due to a very traumatic personal experience. His son Luis had leukemia and, after a long battle against the cancer, he died in 2007. He was nine years old. “I had this idea before he died. He was very generous,” says Andrés. “It was dreadful at the time, but I have grown since then. It woke me up. My son changed my life because of his illness.”

So, three years later, the foundation was born. When Edu arrived there dressed as Spiderman, and Andrés saw how much the children loved it, he decided to go even further. “I dress as Batman and Roberto, the secretary, as a Transformer,” he says. They visit hospitals together whenever they can. “We're like three brothers,” says Andrés.

Edu admits that Andrés is his 'teacher' as well as a good friend. “Our routine is a bit unusual. We arrange to meet up and have lunch together in the cafés at the hospitals. I wouldn't take any step in the future unless Andrés thought it was a good idea,” he says.