Four doctors from Malaga win awards from the Top Doctors directory

  • This prestigious international medical directory has just revealed the 50 specialists and medical units that are most highly valued in the private medicine sector

Top Doctors, the most prestigious medical directory in the world, has just released the names of the 50 Spanish doctors and 20 specialist medical units which are most valued in private medicine in this country, in the sixth edition of the Top Doctors Awards.

For ten years the awards were all won in the USA but they were introduced in Spain in 2014 as recognition of the excellent private medical sector in this country. Four doctors from Malaga are among the 50 in Spain who are most highly valued by their counterparts.

Among the finalists in the TD Awards 2017 are nine from Andalucía, of whom Eduardo Sánchez de Badajoz, urologist; Miguel Ángel Arráez Sánchez, neurosurgeon; José María Ignacio García, pneumologist and Juan José Gómez Doblas, cardiologist, are all from Malaga.

The company has revealed all the names of the specialists who are most valued by the private medical sector, following recommendations made all through the year.

Marks from the patients

The four doctors combine their private sector work, for which they have been given the award, with their work for the health service. Arráez is the head of neurosurgery at the Carlos Haya hospital; Gómez Doblas is a cardiologist at the Hospital Clínico; José María Ignacio is chief pneumologist at the hospital in Ronda and director of the Pneumology Unit at the Quirón hospital in Marbella; and urologist Sánchez de Badajoz is an associate professor at Malaga university.

Among almost 4,000 doctors recommended this year, those who won the awards also scored the highest marks from patients, have over 15 years' experience and are internationally renowned.

Of the 50 winners of the Top Doctors Awards, this is the ranking by region: Andalucía (9), Valencia (7), Basque Country (6), Madrid (5), Catalonia (5), Aragón (4), Balearic Islands (4), Canary Islands(4), Galicia (2), Navarra (2), Murcia (2), Asturias (1).

The most highly recommended specialities in private medicine are general surgery, with five doctors recommended, followed by plastic and cosmetic surgery, traumatology and urology (four each) and dermatology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and ENT (three each).