Calling all gardeners

Calling all gardeners
/ Don Emmert/AFP
  • Ponds need a little bit of attention in the autumn

Ponds need a little bit of attention in the autumn. The main problem is with falling leaves, so remove those already in the water and place a net over the whole pond to prevent anymore falling in. This is especially important if you have fish in the pond as rotting leaves can reduce the oxygen content and introduce harmful bacteria. You should also remove any blanket weed.

If you have fish, it may be a good idea to siphon off about a quarter of the water and add fresh water. They can also be given a high protein feed to keep them healthy over the winter. Floating Water Hyacinth are very tender so if you live in an area where there may be frosts, it is probably best to take them out of the pond and store them in a frost-free place.

It is unlikely the pond will freeze over here in Andalucía but if we should get an extremely cold winter, and you have fish in the pond, remember to keep a small area ice free so that poisonous gases can escape. A pond pump will help prevent this and will add oxygen to the water.

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