A prize for pupils’ skin protection initiatives

The provincial health delegate, Ana Isabel González, with the competition winners.
The provincial health delegate, Ana Isabel González, with the competition winners. / SUR
  • The Costa del Sol Health Agency and District welcomed the schools’ ideas for encouraging healthy habits while enjoying the sunshine at the same time

  • More than 800 children and teachers took part in the III Sun Protection Conference for Schools

More than 800 people, including pupils and teachers from 11 schools on the Costa del Sol, recently took part in the III Provincial Conference on Sun Protection at School, which was part of a campaign to encourage people in this region to protect themselves and prevent skin cancer.

This conference was specifically aimed at schoolchildren, and it has formed part of this ongoing campaign for the past nine years. It is known as ‘Creciendo Soludable’, a play on words which refers to growing up healthily in a sunny climate.

The Costa del Sol Health Agency- Costa del Sol Hospital, the CHARE hospital in Benalmádena and CARE in Mijas and the Costa del Sol Health District, which consists of 12 health centres and 12 doctors’ surgeries, organised this campaign, which operates under the theme of ‘Enjoy some sunshine without damaging your skin’. The Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre also collaborates with this programme to raise awareness among schoolchildren.

The meeting was organised to promote the idea of schools educating pupils about the need for sun protection. Overall, the campaign aims to improve children’s knowledge and attitudes and help them to develop healthy skin protection habits, and to promote the idea of these subjects being taught in the classrooms and becoming general school policy, as explained in a recent communication from the Andalusian government.

During the gathering there was a presentation of the guide ‘Creciendo Soludable’, an educational tool which is at the heart of this campaign and aims to help teachers so that skin cancer protection measures can be taught in the classroom and the children can begin having lessons on sun protection in the next school year.

The names of the winning schools in this year’s competition were also announced at the conference.

The first prize was a grant to install shade in the school playground, worth 3,000 euros. The winning initiative was presented by El Albero school in Las Lagunas (Fuengirola) and the Mar de Alborán school in Estepona was runner-up.

Within the educational sphere, the sun protection campaign has continued to train teachers this year.

Around 60 Infant, Junior, Secondary and Professional Training teachers have taken part in two training sessions, one at the Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre and another at its counterpart at El Albero.

The Junta de Andalucía’s delegate for Equality, Health and Social Policies, Ana Isabel González; Marbella’s councillor for Health, Ana María Leschiera; the managing directors of the Costa del Sol Health Agency and Health District, Torcuato Romero and María Dolores Llamas, respectively; the head of the Marbella-Coín Teachers’ Centre, Manuel Mellado, and the director of the campaign, Magdalena de Troya, all took part in the conference.