More gardening tricks

  • Gardening hints for May

1) Use nappies to line flower pots; apparently the adult ones are best as they contain tiny beads that absorb liquid and turn it into a gel, thus conserving water for the plant to take up as it needs it.

2) Mix potting compost with cat litter (this tip was sent in by Lyn Newman): another way to conserve moisture in the soil. Lyn uses cat litter that’s advertised as ‘100% pure’ and says it doesn’t adversely affect her plants at all.

3) To keep plants in containers cool, place the pot into a slightly bigger one with an air gap between the two. This tip is also from Lyn Newman.

4) Cut an old T-shirt into strips and use to tie in climbing plants.

5) Lay sheets of old newspaper over soil and then cover with mulch, this will help to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

6) Keep your used teabags and, before composting, toss them in a bucket and keep it topped up with water. After a few days this water can be used to water your plants. Alternate with ordinary watering as the tea, although adding nitrogen, can make the soil too acidic.