Top chefs put luxury on the menu in Marbella

Top chef Mauricio Giovanni in the Messina kitchen.
Top chef Mauricio Giovanni in the Messina kitchen. / Josele-Lanza
  • The stars of Michelin, Dani García, El Lago, Messina and Skina together with 1870 and Takumi will take part in the Marbella Luxury Weekend

Marbella is fast becoming the destination for luxury gastronomy events Just a few months ago Malaga’s Dani García arranged for some of the best chefs in the world to meet in Marbella and this month it is the turn of the Marbella All Stars This is the second year for this event which is captained by Diego del Río and the Asociación de la Alta Cocina The next event will be the long anticipated Marbella Luxury Weekend, which takes place from 2 to 4 June.

Dani García (two Michelin stars), El Lago, Messina, Skina (one star each), Takumi and 1870 are all taking part in the Luxury Weekend, preparing exclusive and ephemeral menus that are only available over the three days of the event.

“Luxury is not only limited to something expensive; it is also something limited in time, that you can enjoy only the once,” explained a source from the organisation team behind the Luxury Weekend. “It’s a unique opportunity for lovers of fine gastronomy from all over the world to discover that in Marbella you can enjoy something very exclusive,” they added.

Dani García’s luxury menu includes mullet confit in brown butter, his Gazpacho Cherry Mary, and his Tomato Nitro Dulce. El Lago has opted for white shrimp ravioli with minced seafood and steak tartare of Retinto beef and Payoyo cheese, fried eggs and truffles. 1870 has included its crispy rice ‘oblea’ with wakame, and sturgeon confit with green wheat, gazpachuelo and Malaga prawns. The Japanese Takumi restaurant is offering tuna tartare, gingara misozuke of black cod and miso. Messina will surprise its diners with a watermelon ceviche, ajoblanco soup with yuzu and red mullet in an acidulated and humita broth. In Skina guests can try Galician cockle and samphire ravioli and shoulder of lamb with crispy bread and herbs.

The menus are as varied as the prices which range from 65 euros at 1870 to 160 euros at El Lago (VAT not included).