Eduardo Fernández
Eduardo Fernández / SUR

Malaga specialist named president of leading American institution fighting cancer

  • Eduardo Fernández takes charge of an organisation which is facing the challenge of developing radiotherapy treatments in the fight against cancer

A doctor from Malaga, Eduardo Fernández, 53, has been named president of the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO), the professional society for specialists in radiation oncology practice in the United States.

The main focus of the organisation is on promoting the highest quality of radiotherapy care to patients with cancer, while also spreading awareness of the benefits of radiation oncology and the advanced technology used in treatments.

Fernández went to Los Olivos school before studying medicine at the University of Malaga, where he also obtained his doctorate and became an associate lecturer of Radiology.

In the 1990s Fernández moved to the United States, spending four years in Cleveland before moving to Florida, where he has resided since 1998.

The 53-year-old is also the Medical Director of the company 21st Century Oncology.

“I have a very busy clinical practice, I see an average of 40 patients a week,” he explained to SUR on Tuesday.

As recently as Monday, he had the opportunity to meet senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson in Washington, as part of a delegation representing radiotherapists in Florida state, but a packed schedule complicated matters and he therefore decided not to attend.

On being elected president by members of the college, the doctor stated that it was “a huge honour”, having already been vice president of ACRO since 2015.

However, Fernández realises that this is just the beginning: “We have many challenges ahead such as, for example, the role of radiotherapy in modern oncology, the approach to economic and legislative issues, as well as the fight against unqualified practice,” he explained to SUR.

The specialist from Malaga holds both Spanish and American passports, and is now one of the most distinguished figures in his field.

Asked about his current connections with Spain and with Malaga, Fernández added: “I keep in touch with friends and family there. I have good friends in the field of oncology in Spain in general and in Malaga in particular, but I am not involved in oncological issues over there.”