The Sky Princess in Malaga port.
The Sky Princess in Malaga port. ANDREW FORBES

Sky Princess debuts in Malaga

Andrew Forbes

The brand new ocean liner docked at the Levante quayside of the port and was welcomed by city and regional tourism officials

Cabin baggage ruling goes against Ryanair


A passenger on a flight from Madrid objected to paying 20 euros for her hand baggage going into the hold

Ryanair has said the ruling is due to a "misinterpretation".
Ryanair has said the ruling is due to a "misinterpretation". REUTERS

Either or

Mark Nayler

European Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis revealed what he wants for Christmas - a stable government for Spain


Rachel Haynes

Rachel Haynes

The sentence delivered this week in Seville ought at least to ensure that the new generation of politicians are aware of their actions and their consequences


Out of their natural environment


An humans started to travel, animals have "hopped aboard" and settled in new habitats

food & drink

Wine for ransom


Winemakers and restaurants play all sorts of dirty tricks on each other

The Rewire team.
The Rewire team. SUR

Costa firm wins data technology prize


Rewire Social won the award for the best scalable blockchain project during the Global Blockchain Convergence congress held in Malaga

A special feeling

Daryl Finch

Daryl Finch

We live in an area with enormous diversity and yet we all have one thing in common, one shared cause: Malaga CF

Brolly good show

Peter Edgerton

Peter Edgerton

Any chap worth his salt knows that you should never step into another man's chivalry scenario