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Talks begin over Gibraltar's relationship with the EU

Officials from Gibraltar, UK and the EU are meeting in Brussels to discuss technical issues, but the political negotiations are not expected to begin at this point

Debbie Bartlett

The meetings regarding Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU begin in Brussels today, where representatives from the UK and Gibraltar will hold technical talks with their counterparts from the European Union.

No political discussions are expected to take place at this point.

Today’s meeting is expected to set out the technical questions and allocate workstreams and other issues. Gibraltar’s Attorney General, Michael Llamas, and the director of Gibraltar House in Brussels, Daniel D’Amato, will be part of the Gibraltar/UK delegation.

The negotiations will centre around the agreement-in-principle drawn up by Gibraltar, the UK and Spain and announced on New Year’s Eve last year.

If agreement can be reached, it will become a Treaty between the UK (which is officially responsible for Gibraltar’s international relations) and the EU.

The Gibraltar and UK governments are working closely together, and, as was the case with the Withdrawal Agreement and the New Year’s Eve agreement, Gibraltar is fully involved in all negotiations.