Gibraltar chief minister says that Covid-19 infection has been "effectively suppressed"

 Gibraltar chief minister says that Covid-19 infection has been "effectively suppressed"
  • As more restrictions are eased, Picardo has warned residents to continue to be careful, especially if they go to Spain

Gibraltar is easing more restrictions from Monday, as the R rate of the virus is now well below 0.5 and few new cases are being found through mass testing.

As a result, from Monday schools will reopen as planned and so will children’s parks. Masks will only be necessary in Main Street, in shops and internal public places, and sport may begin again as long as the maximum number of 12 people gathering is respected.

Bars and restaurants are scheduled to reopen from 1 March.

The existing curfew from 10pm to 6am will continue until at least 14 March.

Warning about going to Spain

Chief minister Fabian Picardo announced at this Friday's press conference that the Covid-19 infection has been "effectively suppressed", but warned that infection rates are still high in Andalucía and asked people from Gibraltar to be very careful if they go to Spain.

“Please do not bring Covid on yourself or your family or your friends by going out to look for it in Spain. If you go to Spain, be very cautious. Please be a little more patient. Please be a little more cautious before you think that life is entirely back to normal,” he said.

There are currently 39 active cases of Covid-19 in Gibraltar, and this figure is expected to drop considerably over the weekend. In total, 88 people have died from or with the virus, and the government, which says every one of these deaths is a tragedy plans to hold a remembrance service for them at a later date.