Zero tolerance towards drink-driving in Gibraltar this Christmas

The drink-driving video was filmed locally.
The drink-driving video was filmed locally. / Royal Gibraltar Police
  • The police have filmed a hard-hitting video warning that people can still be over the limit the morning after a night of heavy drinking

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) are cracking down hard on drink-driving with a special pre-Christmas campaign which includes the warning that drivers can still be under the influence of alcohol the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

In a hard-hitting video filmed especially for this year's campaign and shown on local TV, the message is that a shower, copious amounts of coffee or even a fry-up for breakfast the morning after the night before may make you feel better, but does not reduce the alcohol level in your bloodstream. You will probably still be over the limit and your reactions will still be slower despite the number of hours have passed since drinking.

Although the RGP carries out a drink-driving campaign before Christmas every year, this one has more impact than ever before, maybe because it is local. From visits to schools to talk to pupils who are old enough to have a motorcycle or drive a car, officers felt the message they were trying to get across didn't seem to be effective enough and the teenagers weren't really relating to it. That is why this video has been filmed and produced locally and features a Gibraltar-plated vehicle, to bring the message closer to home. Filming took place on a Sunday morning in November, at the pelican crossing by the Trafalgar cemetery, using special effects.

Regarding another aspect of road safety, after receiving a number of complaints, police in Gibraltar have also issued a warning this week that it is an offence to cycle or use e-scooters on pavements or footpaths in town because it poses a danger to pedestrians. Only mobility scooters are exempt from this regulation.