Local residents say they are fed up with constant construction.
Local residents start a petition to save Gibraltar from overdevelopment

Local residents start a petition to save Gibraltar from overdevelopment

The petition is addressed to the chief minister and Gibraltar government, and says people have had enough of large scale disruption

Debbie Bartlett

Friday, 22 November 2019, 17:36

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Gibraltar is a small place with a growing population and a thriving economy so it needs housing and office space, but a group of local residents who are fed up with the constant noise and dust from construction have begun a petition on to "save Gibraltar being destroyed by overdevelopment".

Under the title 'Save Gibraltar!!!' the wording of the petition, which has been signed by 384 people so far, is: "We, the people of Gibraltar, have had enough of the large scale disruption to our lives caused by continuous builders noise and dust.

Although we the undersigned acknowledge that Gibraltar may need further large new developments in the future, any large new development needs to be in a properly planned and organised manner, taking into account, infrastructure, the health of the nation, and people's right to open space, light, sunshine, and privacy.

We, therefore, respectfully request the HM Government of Gibraltar not to consider any large new developments which are contrary to the Gibraltar Development Plan Parts I&II 2009, such as Coaling Island Land Reclamation, Victoria Keys, and Queensway Quay Marina, until a new Gibraltar Development Plan is in place, and then only, after extensive consultation with Non Government Organisations and members of the public".

Another petition calling for historical buildings in Gibraltar Town not to be replaced with concrete tower blocks has been signed by 1,398 people.

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