Ice Age Europe Now exhibition on view in Gibraltar

The outdoor photographic exhibition about the Ice Age.
The outdoor photographic exhibition about the Ice Age. / SUR
  • The photographic exhibition is touring Europe and will remain in Commonwealth Park until the end of May, when it moves on to Belgium

An open-air photographic exhibition on the theme of Ice Age Europe is now on view at Commonwealth Park, Gibraltar where it will remain until the end of May before continuing its European tour. The exhibition was officially opened by Professor John Cortes, the Minister for Education, Heritage, the Environment and Climate Change, on Thursday.

The #IceAgeEuropeNow exhibition consists of large-format photographs of fascinating finds, extraordinary objects and surprising connections between past and present from over 15 selected locations across Europe. The photographs invite the audience to experience a shared cultural heritage and common European roots while learning how our Ice Age heritage is still present today.

The Gibraltar National Museum and Gorham's Cave Complex have contributed to the exhibition with photographs of a moonrise at Gorham's Cave and of the forensic reconstruction of the first Neanderthal fossil discovered in Gibraltar, now known as Nana.

The Gibraltar National Museum is a founding member of the Ice Age Europe network of heritage sites.