An environmentally friendly Christmas in the Mayor's Parlour

Kaiane Aldorino Lopez, the mayor of Gibraltar.
Kaiane Aldorino Lopez, the mayor of Gibraltar. / SUR
  • Members of the public are invited to make Christmas tree decorations from biodegradable materials

Everyone knows that Gibraltar has a strong interest in the environment and protecting the planet, and that every little can help. The mayor of Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino Lopez,is applying that philosophy to the decorations for the Christmas tree in the Mayor's Parlour at City Hall this year. She is inviting the public to create tree decorations from reused and/or recyclable materials.

This year Her Worship has been working closely with the Nautilus Project about the type of materials which should be used for the decorations. They have advised that plastic should be avoided at all costs; people should use biodegradable materials which will break down within an acceptable timeframe. These include cardboard, paper, wood, leaves and grass trimmings and cotton.

Anyone who would like to join in can place their environmentally-friendly decorations in the special collection box at City Hall before Thursday 22nd November.