Customs arrest man for cigarette smuggling

  • He was found to be in possession of a "commercial quantity" of cigarettes

Customs officers on a routine patrol in Gibraltar arrested a Spanish man who was carrying a "commercial quantity" of cigarettes on board a boat leaving the Ocean Village marina around midday on Thursday.

The crew of the Customs boat Tango II became suspicious when they saw the man alone in a small RHIB, which was towing an inflatable craft, heading in a north-westerly direction. They decided to stop him and search his boat.

When they did so, the Customs officers discovered 150 cartons of cigarettes of different brands in the inflatable craft. There were 1,500 packets in total, containing 30,000 cigarettes.

The man was arrested for the possession of a commercial amount of cigarettes and for being knowingly concerned in the exportation of the same. The authorities also confiscated the haul of cigarettes.