Cigarette haul confiscated by Customs

The cigarettes were spotted in a car at the ICC.
The cigarettes were spotted in a car at the ICC. / SUR
  • 649 cartons of cigarettes were found in two Spanish-registered vehicles

Thanks to a sharp-eyed passer-by, the customs authorities in Gibraltar were able to confiscate a large haul of cigarettes from two Spanish-plated vehicles on Tuesday, 20 February.

A member of the public noticed that a car which was parked at the ICC contained a large amount of cigarettes, and rang the authorities to report the matter.

When officers came to investigate, they searched two vehicles in the car park, both Spanish registered, and discovered that they contained 649 cartons of various brands of cigarettes.

No arrests have been made yet, and the investigation is continuing.

The customs authorities say they are always grateful for information of this type, and they can be contacted by phoning 20046731.