Primary short stories

  • Schoolwork showcase

  • A selection of the short stories submitted by primary schools for the Education and Learning supplement 2021

The Monkey Adventure

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily. Lily and her friends, Michael, Linda and Lucy, loved adventures and every day they watched films about ladies going on adventures and they wanted to go on one when they were older. When they were 34 years old they went on an adventure to the jungle. On the way, the taxi driver called Ron told them that the jungle is a dangerous place and they must be really careful if they want to stay safe. They had a great time during the first few days, picking fruit, playing hide and seek and taking photos of everything they saw. One morning they went to look for their camera and it was not there! They guessed that the monkey they had seen the day before must have taken it. They didn’t know where he was so they asked the panda that was close by; “No I don’t know where he is. Ask the tiger” replied the Panda. “Tiger, do you know where the monkey is?” they asked the tiger. “No, I don’t know where he is. Go and ask the king of the monkeys but be careful as he can be dangerous if he’s hungry.” They took some bananas with them and gave them to the King of the monkeys before they asked him. The King of the monkeys was happy after eating the bananas and told the friends where to find the monkey. When they found the monkey, they asked if he had stolen their camera. “Yes I did.” He replied. “You can have it back in exchange for 1000 bananas.” Luckily the friends had seen a mountain of bananas a few days before so they told the monkey to follow them and took him to the mountain of bananas. He was happy and gave them their camera back.

Valentina Serrano, age 7

Novaschool Sunland International

COVID Safety

“Today class, we’ll be learning about how to stay safe during COVID,” explained Ms.Kincaid.

Ughhh! English couldn’t get more boring! To make matters worse, Mackenzie was texting Jessica and the sound of her nails touching the screen was super annoying. Luckily, the sound hit the teacher’s ears. We all knew that she definitely heard it because she turned around with a stern look on her face.

“Miss Hollister! I’m trying to teach you safety rules but you just sit there tap tapping on your phone! Do you think this behaviour is acceptable?” exclaimed the teacher.

“Uhhh...I dunno know.” replied Mackenzie.

“Well I do not accept it and the class agrees with me!” scolded Ms.Kincaid.

“But I need to text some really important gossip about my relationship.”

“Ohh, so you think using your phone in class is more important than safety rules that could save you from getting coronavirus?!”


“That’s detention for you, Miss Hollister.”

Mackenzie’s got the virus. This is good and bad for us. The good thing is there is no more Mackenzie. The bad thing is that we’re back to online classes. But now that I think about it, I’m starting to feel a bit ill myself. I’m really concerned so I’m going to do the nose thingy. Wish me luck!

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. First: I’ve got the virus. Yes, it’s crazy! Yesterday, while we were waiting for the teacher on ZOOM, Mackenzie sent a sorry message. This is how it went:

“I heard that you’ve got the virus”


“Because I sort of gave it you” 


“Well, remember that drink I gave you”


“I drank from that same cup”


“I know I’m extremely sorry”

“Shouldn’t have done that”

“I do forgive you though”

“OMG! Thanks.”

And that’s how our friendship began. 

H. N. age 12

International School Estepona

The Invisible Enemy

My invincible, immense army managed to cause many casualties. And now their military tactics have changed.

They build towering walls made of an annoying material that doesn’t let us pass through, to prevent us from invading their bodies. Sometimes the walls are made of a less effective fabric so we can get through them, however, this is very rare. We can’t reach the windows of their noses or the doors of their mouths, yet some of them don’t build the wall high enough and we can get in through the openings.

When we get through their defences we use them like a catapult to jump from body to body, although sometimes they “social distance”, so we can’t reach other bodies when we jump because they are too far away. The hardest humans to hurt are the little ones, nevertheless, we can use them as a disguise because people always get close to them.

They play other tricks on us, like showering us with poisonous rain and killing thousands. Even though we are minuscule, impossible to see, they have found a method to detect us. They call it testing. They put a colossal pole through one of the windows, pick some of our soldiers up, and after a while, they know that we are there. We are clever though, and have found out a way to camouflage ourselves and look like different soldiers.

We may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war.

Juan Rafael Cabeza, age 10

Swans International School

The Fire Fox

One cold morning, a creature woke up to the sound of birds singing like angels, and the light of the sun in its huge eyes. The creature looked at the trees as the autumn leaves fell along the horizon. It whispered “wow”. The creature saw a small lake, the light was shining on it. It looked magical, but the creature was running, as fast as its legs could carry him, because that creature was a legendary...Fire Fox. A fire fox is a fox made of fire, it is a lovely creature to look at but touching it is not so pleasant. As the fire fox walked through the forest, he admired the sunrise, the pink flowers, and the butterflies that danced in the breeze. Suddenly, a butterfly approached the fire fox. As it came closer, the fox stood still. The butterfly landed on the tip of the fire Fox’s nose, in a matter of seconds it turned to ash and fell. “I killed that poor insect!” he cried. The fire fox made a promise to himself, “I’ll never touch anything again, for as long as I live.” He wanted to keep everyone safe. Then one day, he heard a scream. He looked to see where it was coming from and saw a cave covered with heavy rocks. Blood curdling screams came from inside the cave. Without a second thought, he jumped on top of the cave. It quickly turned to ashes, a cute little rabbit came sprinting out from the rubble. As fast as he could it leapt into a hole. The fire fox was shocked such a small animal made such a loud sound. Suddenly, he heard the woodland creatures chanting “FIRE FOX! FIRE FOX!” They danced happily around him. From that day onwards, the fire fox used its special powers for good and made sure his friends were kept safe.

The moral of the story is to use our differences to help our friends and to protect others from harm.

Johanna Jonsson, age 9

Swans Primary School