Rain in Spain. / SUR

Yellow weather warnings for heavy rain and storms in Andalucía

Storms are more likely in inland areas and could be accompanied by hail, according to forecasters


Six regions in the northeast of the Spanish mainland are on a yellow weather alert this Tuesday (31 August) for heavy rain and storms, reports the State Meteorological Agency, Aemet.

And it warns that, in Andalucía, the situation will be 'complicated' on Wednesday due to the approach of an Atlantic low-pressure front to the west of the peninsula.

So, September will roll in with an instability in the weather, with cloud that will produce showers and storms in large areas of the country.

At the moment, Aemet has activated yellow weather alerts on Wednesday in the provinces of Jaén, Granada and Almeria (in inland areas in the last two).

In his blog 'Storms and lightning' the meteorology expert José Luis Escudero blames a powerful anticyclone positioned over the British Isles, for helping create the instability.

«In Malaga province there is a probability of storms in the afternoon, being more likely in some areas of the Ronda and Antequera regions. They may be accompanied by hail.«

«In addition, in Malaga city in the early hours of the morning we may have low clouds and mist. I do not think the maximum temperatures will exceed 28 degrees,» he adds.