Cadiz, Granada and Almeria have alerts in place. File photograph. / SUR

Yellow weather alerts issued in Andalucía for strong winds and rough seas in coastal areas

Gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour are forecast this Monday in the Strait of Gibraltar


There is still no sign of substantial rain on the horizon, but many coastal areas of Andalucía will be blasted by strong winds and rough seas this Monday, 11 October. So much so that Spain’s national weather agency, Aemet, has activated yellow weather warnings in Cadiz, Granada and Almeria provinces.

The strongest gusts of wind are being forecast in the Strait of Gibraltar areas.

In Cadiz, a yellow warning for strong easterly winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour is in place from 11am until the end of the day and rough seas expected along the coast from 10am until 11.59 pm.

In Almería, the gusts of wind are also expected throughout the day in the Poniente, Levante and the Almería city areas, while in Granada the warnings have been activated from 12 noon in coastal regions.

Aemet's general forecast for this Monday in Andalucía points to slightly cloudy skies and temperatures will be around 30 degrees.