Mask wearing in the street. File photograph. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

The whole of Andalucía remains at 'low risk' coronavirus health alert Level O

The Junta’s Public Health Alert committees have no plans to meet unless the infection situation changes in the region


All of Andalucía, for the second week, remains at ‘low risk’ coronavirus health alert Level 0, after last week the entire province of Almería dropped to this level - the only one that had remained at Level 1.

According to sources from Junta’s Ministry of Health, the provincial High Impact Public Health Alert committees have not met this week and will stop meeting to extend the Level 0 while the epidemiological situation does not change.

The president of the regional government, Juanma Moreno, indicated, after presiding over the last meeting of the Junta’s so-called committee of experts, that all the health districts of Andalucía that are in “low risk” or Level 0 can regain normality, so the capacity and opening hour limits in shops, bars and restaurant will cease to exist.

The committee also agreed that theatres, auditoriums, museums, bullrings and venues with local, provincial or regional sports competitions can occupy 100 per cent of their capacity in areas at Level 0 and 1.

Face masks and social distancing

Despite the further easing of coronavirus restrictions in municipalities that move to Level 0, the Junta de Andalucía has reminded that the use of face masks indoors and in crowds will continue to be mandatory and that the basic pandemic sanitary measures will have to be respected, such as hand washing and maintaining social distancing between people.