One of the SMART project cameras captures images on Monday night. / SMART

Video | Perseids meteor shower lights up the skies of Andalucía

Also called the tears of San Lorenzo, it is one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena of the year, and should be even better later this week


One of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena of the year: the Perseid meteor shower, also called the tears of San Lorenzo because of the 10 August celebration, can already be seen in the skies over the south of Spain.

It will be possible to enjoy the meteor shower, associated with the Swift–Tuttle comet, show all this week and without the need for a telescope or binoculars. But the best nights will be Wednesday, when the Moon will not be so bright, and Thursday when more Perseids will fall, and will be best viewed in dark or mountain areas.

On Monday night (9 August), one of the cameras of the SMART astronomical project captured some images clearly showing the shower of shooting stars in Andalucía. Despite the light pollution in Seville, a large number of meteors can be clearly seen.