A view of Lucena. / SUR

A sleeping, four-year-old boy dies after being attacked by a dog

The dog is in custody - awaiting its fate - while police investigate the circumstances of the fatal incident in Andalucía


A four-year-old child died on Sunday, 5 September, after being attacked by a dog, believed to be owned by his family, in the Cordoba province town of Lucena.

The incident happened at around 3am in the morning when the emergency services were alerted that a young child, who was sleeping on a couch, had been bitten by a dog.

The child was rushed to a health centre in the town, by a neighbour, but the on-duty doctor could only certify his death.

The National Police force is investigating the circumstances of the fatal incident.

The identity-chipped dog is in police custody until a court determines its fate.