Montejaque in the Serranía de Ronda. / SUR

No large municipality in Andalucía exceeds the 1,000 Covid rate one day ahead of the curfew restriction revisions

Some 25 small towns and villages in the region, all with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, currently have cumulative incidence rates above 1,000 cases in 14 days


No Andalusian municipality with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants exceeds the rate of 1,000 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, this Tuesday, 24 August. That is the threshold when the Junta proposes a perimeter closure and night curfew - from 2am to 7am - which must always be ratified by the courts.

The data comes just one day ahead of the next scheduled meetings of the Territorial Committees of High Impact on Public Health that convene every Wednesday.

According to the latest figures from the regional government's Ministry of Health, some 25 smaller municipalities exceed the rate of 1,000 cases in 14 days, but none have more than 5,000 inhabitants. In these locations the Territorial Committees have to analyse any proposal for mobility restrictions on an individual basis.

There are seven in Granada province, five in Jaén and Seville, four in Huelva, two in Cordoba, one in Malaga and Almeria and none in Cadiz.

These municipalities are Turrillas (with an incidence rate of 1,612.9) in Almería province and La Guijarrosa (1,087.7) and Fuente la Lancha (1,169.6) in Cordoba province.

Similarly, there are Lentegí (1,201.2), Lobras (1,503.8), Dehesas de Guadix (2,843.6), Arenas del Rey (1,225.1), Chimeneas (1,199), Játar (1,765.7) and Zagra (1,129.9) in Granada province; while in Huelva province are Alájar (1,581), Cañaveral de León (1,515.2), Corteconcepción (1,119.4) and Linares de la Sierra (1,908.4); and in Jaén province, Aldeaquemada (2,521), Castellar (1,215.1), Montizón (1,361.8), Génave (1,525.4) and Huesa (1,927.7).

Finally, in Malaga province is Montejaque (1,159.1) and in Seville there are Castilleja de Guzmán (1,129.5), Gilena (1,502.5), Lora de Estepa (1,145.5), El Saucejo (2,998.8) and Villanueva del Río and Minas (1,196.6).

Cadiz is the only province that does not have any municipality with a cumulated incidence rate above a thousand points this Tuesday.