Regional government spokesman Elías Bendodo. / SUR

The Junta sets a date for the possible 'return to normality' in Andalucía

The 'good pace' of the decline in the coronavirus infection rate stands out: as the region falls below 100, a figure that has not been seen since August 2020


The long-awaited return to normality (or 'new normal') in Andalucía could be close. The coronavirus cumulative incidence rate in the region has dropped below 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a level not been recorded since August 2020.

“It’s a really positive figure", highlighted the Junta’s spokesman, Elías Bendodo, on Tuesday (14 September).

The fifth wave of the coronavirus could be on its way out, opening the door to the relaxation of the measures now in force to control the pandemic.

But, when could normality be restored and the restrictions in Andalucía be dropped?

As Bendodo explained, the World Health Organization (WHO) links the word "normality" to a cumulative incidence rate of 25 and said that Andalucía, which is going "at a good pace", could achieve that figure in just two weeks.

“The number is dropping at a very significant rate. We have dropped below 100, and we are at 98. If we go at this rate, hopefully we can reach the figure of 25 by the next meeting of the committee of experts", he said," although always watching for a variant that may complicate the situation for us, as it happened in June.”

Regarding a possible relaxation of the current measures in force to control the coronavirus pandemic, Bendodo said that the Andalusian Government would like to "recover more freedom" but the committee "will always be the one to decide whether the current measures continue or if we can make them more flexible."