Some 1.6 million doses of influenza vaccines will be administered. File photograph. / SUR

The Junta reveals the start dates of the region's flu vaccination campaign

The elderly in nursing homes and health workers will be the first to receive the jabs


Andalucía will kick-off its flu vaccination campaign across the region on 14 October, starting with the elderly in nursing homes and health and social welfare professionals.

The vaccination calendar has been brought forward and, as the Junta explained on Tuesday, “The objective is to protect the population at risk as soon as possible and avoid complications, with the Covid pandemic still in the background.”

The region’s Health minister, Jesús Aguirre, detailed that the region will have 1,645,000 doses available and a staggered schedule will be followed to optimise the vaccination sequence of the population from highest to lowest risk.

In this way, once the first groups have been jabbed the flu vaccination campaign will be rolled out, from 18 October, to people 65 years of age and older, in this case paired with the booster dose against Covid, and those sick with serious pathologies or high-risk situations, as well as pregnant women.

Aguirre added that from November essential workers (mainly state security forces, firefighters, education professionals that deal directly with students, etc.)

Caregivers and cohabitants, elderly care workers, the chronically ill and pregnant women will be vaccinated in December, depending on the evolution of the campaign and the availability of doses.

Appointment requests

All the doses of vaccines that Andalucía will use will be tetravalent, which are the ones that cover the most strains of flu, as recommended by the World Health Organization as a first option.

The Junta’s Health minister reminded that appointments can be requested through the ClicSalud + website, the Salud Responde app, by calling the Salud Responde telephone service or by contacting the local health centre direct.

In the population at a higher risk or with mobility issues, the vaccination will be done at home by health professionals.


Coinciding with the influenza vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Health also recommends getting vaccinated against pneumococcus, if they had not done so previously, people between 60 and 70 years old and all those of any age with risk factors to get sick from this bacterium, one of the main causes of pneumonia. The Prevenar 13 vaccine can be administered at the same time as the flu vaccine and has been incorporated into the adult vaccination programme since May 2019 in Andalucía.