A third coronavirus dose has already been given to 60,000 people in residences and those with weakened immune systems. / SUR

Junta opens flu jab appointments for the over-65s in Andalucía

Those aged over 70 will also be offered a third Covid-19 'booster' jab at the same time


The influenza vaccination campaign in Andalucía is currently focused mainly on people over 65 years of age, as well as health personnel, people with pathologies or risk situations - including pregnant women - and essential workers.

Since 14 October, the regional government began to administer flu vaccines in homes for the elderly and to health professionals and social health workers. However, on Tuesday (19 October) the Junta opened vaccination slots to those over 65 to receive their flu jab.

This was announced by the Junta spokesperson, Elías Bendodo, who also indicated that those over 70 will be offered the possibility of simultaneously receiving the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine if they so wish. "We have already given that third dose to 60,000 people in residences and those with weakened immune systems", he said.

How to make an appointment for a flu jab

Those aged over 65 in the Andalucía region can get an appointment through the ClicSalud + website, Health Responde App, via the telephone number 955 54 50 60 or by contacting their health centre directly.

As of 2 November, it will be the turn of other essential professional groups such as security forces and bodies to be vaccinated. In December, and depending on the availability of doses, the flu vaccination campaign will be rolled out for home caregivers and cohabitants at home with people over 65 years of age or at risk.