The president of the regional government delivered his message on social media. / TWITTER

Junta head's message for the young on International Youth Day

Juanma Moreno, has praised them for their behaviour during the coronavirus crisis and also urged them to get vaccinated


The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has sent a message to the young people in the region this Thursday (12 August) to thank them for their behaviour during the pandemic, and also urged them to get vaccinated.

«The courage and strength of young people is essential. Your behaviour has been heroic and you have waited for your vaccination turn with enormous generosity. We have just a little more way to! Let's keep pushing together for a better future for all,« he wrote on his Twitter account on the occasion of International Youth Day. The annual event is commemorated on 12 August, a date set by the UN to promote the participation of young people in all areas of society.

The coronavirus vaccination campaign in Andalucía has already reached the youngest population groups, those under 20 years of age. And the objective is to try to vaccinate as many young people during the month of August and early September, so that they can start the academic year in schools, colleges and universities vaccinated.