The Andalusian Government spokesperson, Elías Bendodo. / SUR

Junta claims Andalucía has reached the so-called ‘herd immunity’ against Covid

A spokesperson emphasised that 90 per cent of the target population has already been fully vaccinated and that the fifth wave is already "controlled and overcome"


The Junta de Andalucía's spokesperson, Elías Bendodo, claimed this Wednesday (13 October) that the region has achieved "group immunity" against Covid-19 by having 90.1 per cent of the target population - those over twelve years of age - fully vaccinated.

Bendodo said that Andalucía has already managed to "control and overcome" the fifth wave of the pandemic and highlighted that that there have been no coronavirus deaths in the 24 hours. In addition, he pointed out that the 14-day cumulative incidence rate currently stands at 29.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a level that has not been registered since August 2020.

The councillor also stressed that the region is about to drop below the 200 people with the virus in hospital figure, since now there are just 205 admitted, of whom 59 are in an intensive care unit.

Bendodo said he considers that the current situation is "promising" although he warned at the same time: “We must not lower our guard and we must continue to be careful because the virus is still present."

Almost 13 million vaccine doses

To date 12,893,731 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine have already been supplied in the region and a total of 6,718,701 people in Andalucía have the full vaccination schedule, and 6,858,769 already have had at least one dose.

Some 79.3 per cent of the population already have the complete vaccination schedule, which rises to 90.1 per cent if only those over 12 years of age are counted, while 81 per cent of the population and 92 per cent of those aged over 12 have received the first dose. In contrast, there are still 593,206 people yet to be vaccinated in the region.