A tourist keeps cool. File photograph. / SUR

Forecasters predict highs of up to 37 degrees in Andalucía this weekend

Showers and storms could affect localised areas of the south, east and central parts of the Spanish mainland this Thursday, but temperatures will rise again by Saturday and Sunday


Localised showers and storms could affect large swathes of the south, east and central areas of the Spanish mainland this Thursday (26 August) and in some parts they could be very strong, Spain's State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has warned.

The recent instability in the weather is expected to continue and showers could threaten the extreme south of the Andalucía region, the Strait of Gibraltar and Melilla, although in these areas the instability will gradually subside. Looking ahead to the weekend, Aemet expects a change in the weather, with maximums of up to 37 degrees being forecast in some areas.

The national weather agency spokesman, Rubén del Campo, predicts that the weekend will be hot again although on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the possibility of stormy showers will persist – with the highest probability being in mountain areas.

In Malaga, minimums of between 25-26 degrees are expected and highs of between 32 degrees and 35 expected for Saturday, although the local terral wind could make a reappearance – even if only for a short time.

«This coming Saturday there is a high probability that we will have terral in the usual areas of Malaga province, but it is not expected to last more than a day and a half, with strong gusts from the west on Saturday along the Malaga coastline,» says José Luis Escudero on his SUR weather blog.