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Another slight rise in Andalucía's Covid rate as Health minister admits it is difficult to lower it

The Junta's Jesús Aguirre said many new positive infections reported are in the unvaccinated group, aged under-12 years old


Andalucía has maintained its slight upward trend in the coronavirus cumulative incidence rate in the region this Monday (18 October), according to the Junta's Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre. It stands at 30.09, up slightly, again, from the 29.6 Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants last Saturday.

Aguirre pointed out that "this reminds us that we are still in a pandemic."

He admitted, "It is difficult to lower it because we have the age range from zero to twelve years old who have not been vaccinated, and it is there where we have the highest cumulative incidence rate."

The number of new infections registered in the last 48 hours is 289, higher than the 276 on Saturday and the 171 recorded a week ago.

One death has been counted, in Malaga province, a figure that is six down onthose recorded two days ago and the same number as last Monday.

The 289 positive this Monday and Sunday are recorded after the 276 on Saturday, 297 on Friday, 179 on Thursday, 216 on Wednesday, 232 on Tuesday and the 171 last Monday and Sunday.