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The Ukraine-based company, which develops personalised software, has chosen Malaga for its first subsidiary in Spain
26.02.16 - 15:53 -
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Ciklum is to open a development centre on the PTA and plans to employ 1,000 staff by 2021
The company is opening in the building that was previously occupied by the European Finance Bank. :: SUR
The rumour has been spreading around the Technological Park for several months: a multinational was planning to open a software development centre and would be employing 1,000 engineers.
The rumours proved correct. The name had been kept secret by Malaga council and the management of the PTA, but this week the details were revealed at a forum held on the Technological Park for British investors.
The company is Ciklum, a Ukrainian multinational that develops personalised software and provides externalisation of technological services.
At one of the discussions during the forum Svetlana Yefimova, a Ciklum executive, explained that the development centre on the PTA will be opening in the very near future and at first it will be employing about 80 staff, half of whom have been contracted locally and the remainder from Ukraine. However, she also confirmed something which is excellent news: within five years, the company plans to be employing 1,000 people in Malaga.
The company, which was founded in Kiev in 2002 by a Danish entrepreneur, Torben Majgaard, is setting up its first centre in Spain in a building that is owned by Unicaja and ws previously occupied by the European Finance Bank.
At present, Ciklum has six software factories in Ukraine, two in Pakistan and one in Belarus, as well as offices in various European countries. It employs a total of 2,500 people.
The decision to become more global was taken a year ago, with a focus on increasing the company’s presence in the West because of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
After opening branches in the UK and Poland, Ciklum opted for a new software development centre in Spain and chose Malaga because of its good transport connections, the availability of qualified personnel at a reasonable cost, the political stability and quality of life.
The facilities provided by the local and regional authorities, and the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía were also a factor in choosing Malaga. Svetlana Yefimova is full of praise for their “willingness to help” and says the speed with which it has been possible to set up the new centre has been fantastic. “They have guided us, advised us and helped us not only with strategic decisions but also more mundane ones,” she says. She explained that the company is also well aware of the need for a ‘soft landing’ for Ukrainians who are coming to work at the new centre and their families.
In October last year the Spanish subsidiary of Ciklum was registered and the company began to select staff for the new centre, which is due to start operating within the next few weeks.
This Ciklum executive says it was “very easy” to persuade Ukrainian engineers to come and work in Malaga. “It is a very easy place to sell,” she stresses. She also says the company was “impressed” by the quality of local job applicants, who also included people from outside Malaga, such as Madrid and Murcia.
Ciklum also plans to collaborate closely with the University of Malaga from now on, to encourage technological vocation.
Ciklum has an unusual way of operating by sub-contracting companies for technological services. Svetlana explains that the competitive advantage of this is the cost saving it generates for the company’s clients, who are businesses of all sizes and from different sectors. This outsourcing also differs from the traditional model in that clients are permitted to set up their own development centres on the same premises but the contracting of professional staff is externalised.
In this way, Ciklum says its clients can save up to 50 per cent of the cost of having their own personnel. In fact, some of the jobs that are available at this new software development centre in Malaga will involve designing projects for one of the company’s clients, the German company DreamIt.
With regard to the services Ciklum will be providing from Malaga, these will range from website development to platforms for electronic commerce, mobile applications and solutions for ‘cloud computing’.
Ciklum has been selected several times as the best technological company to work for in Ukraine.


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