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Approval of new town planning regulations by the council allows for leisure and shopping park complete with dry ski slope and giant pool with surf waves
19.02.16 - 13:51 -
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Torremolinos gives green light to largest leisure park in Andalucía
Maribel Tocón, deputy mayor and councillor for Town Planning. :: A. G.
The largest leisure park in Andalucía was given the go-ahead by Torremolinos council on Tuesday when the new town planning regulations (PGOU) were approved almost unanimously.
The giant leisure park, built and developed by Intu Properties, will include shops, restaurants, a dry ski slope and large pool with surf waves. The chosen location will be the area between the Palacio de Congresos and the motorway.
Direct investment in the new leisure park is expected to reach 650 million euros. A further 550 million euros will be invested indirectly.
During the construction phase and immediately afterwards, the park will directly create 4,000 new jobs. Indirect employment should provide jobs for 3,000 people.
The new leisure and shopping complex will also be good news for Torremolinos council coffers. In building licence and other related fees, the council will receive 20 million euros from Intu Properties, an amount that translates to one fifth of the town’s annual budget. Annual revenue will total around 3 million euros from local property taxes.
The park forms part of the new planning regulations approved last Tuesday. All parties with the exception of Izquierda Unida voted in favour of the new PGOU. This is the first time in 20 years that the opposition parties have voted for a new PGOU. The vote also put an end to a decade of planning stalemale in the town.
As well as the leisure park, the new PGOU includes the pedestrianisation of the town centre, the construction of cycle lanes and a river park, and the creation of more green areas. Torremolinos also plans to improve and enhance its Sierra.


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