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Explosions were reported as a warehouse containing chemical products went up in flames on Tuesday night
20.11.15 - 11:46 -
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Fire in industrial estate spurs fears of toxic fumes
The pillar of smoke was visible for miles. :: FERNANDO GONZÁLEZ
Just before 10pm on Tuesday night, a large pillar of smoke was visible on the Malaga skyline as a warehouse in the El Viso industrial estate burst into flames.
Those living nearby reported hearing explosions and the Emergencias 112 Andalucía hotline received numerous emergency calls.
A chlorine leak and the smoke meant that the fire department had to cordon off a large area around the site where temperatures rose to around 600 degrees. Those who entered the scene had to wear oxygen masks, according to sources at the Malaga fire department.
Despite the widespread alarm, the fire was reported to be contained by around midnight. According to the same sources, the origin of the fire was a van loaded with chlorine and solvents inside the warehouse.
The main worry at the time was stopping onlookers, mostly business owners worried about the state of their properties, getting too close.
Some employees of the chemical company Revimca were treated on the nearby Calle Canadá.
Fears that the smoke may have been toxic were allayed by a fire fighter who reported there was nothing unusual about the air: “Normally when smoke is toxic, you feel burning in the throat when you breathe. This never happened.”


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