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Although a perennial favourite with holiday-makers, it’s still possible to find a peaceful retreat in this charming looking village
26.06.15 - 13:31 -
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Looking out over Lindos
St Paul’s Bay is a scenic cove with a crescent-shaped beach and even a fishermen’s church. :: A. F.
Although a perennial favourite with holiday-makers, it’s still possible to find a peaceful retreat in this charming looking village
Jesus and his luggage van; that will be one of the lasting memories of my trip to Lindos, one of the most beautiful island villages in Greece, and among the most historic places on the island of Rhodes.
I’d rented a car to make the 45 minute drive from Rhodes Old Town to Lindos on the eastern coast of the island. Towards the end of the journey, as one takes a sweeping bend, drivers are afforded a spectacular view of the village.
Idyllic village
Conveniently, there is a large layby right there, allowing visitors to stop and snap a picture and then just soak up the view of the small white village built up on the rocky hill, upon which still stands ruins of a four thousand year old acropolis.
When you arrive you need to find parking somewhere on the edge of town, as the diminutive alleyways of the village are car-free. To get to your guest house or hotel means a stroll through the maze of streets, past Byzantine churches and historic Lindian mansions.
I wasn’t exactly travelling light this time, so the hotel kindly sent Jesus with his tiny Japanese mini pick-up truck to collect me.
Restful retreat
I was staying at Melenos-Lindos, a boutique style retreat created by Michalis Melenos. Later that evening I was to have the chance to chat with him over dinner, hearing his tales of travel and his love of collecting.
Originally from Lindos, Michalis is without doubt one of the town’s great characters, and his property reflects his love of art, creativity and hospitality.
Built over a 14-year period, the Melenos-Lindos hotel feels like a small, peaceful hamlet and echoing the village’s historic architecture, with its pebble mosaic, jasmine-scented terraces and artisan detailing it looks like it has always been part of the town.
Each guest room and public space is filled with interesting antiques, and objects from Michalis’ international travels; a diverse mix that reflects the fascinating multi-cultural history of the island.
This is also a popular dining destination, as the Melenos-Lindos dining room, and rooftop dining terrace offers some of the best views over Lindos and sea, and the kitchen creates modern interpretations of classic dishes such as moussaka or aubergine tart.
Vantage point
The village is amongst the most popular destinations on Rhodes, especially for day-trippers who want to capture a flavour of a quintessential Rhodian village, so in busy periods expect those charming little lanes to be packed with fellow tourists.
Even so, take a walk up to the striking ruins of the acropolis, a prominent lookout point since ancient times, and the panoramic views will offer a wonderful feeling of space and an impressive perspective.
A perfect reward for the hike up the hill is a cold beer at the adjacent Saint Paul’s Bay, a scenic cove with crescent beach, and even a small white washed fisherman’s church – it’s a memorable place.
Memorable moments
In fact a stay in Lindos will be full of special moments. Yet one of my most lasting will be my hotel transfer in that mini-van.
With his wing mirrors permanently folded inwards, Jesus navigated the alleyways of Lindos with expert precision.
I’m glad I had decided not to take the walk through town but instead to sit up front in the small cab; and enjoy the drive.
With what felt like millimetres of leeway either side, we whizzed up through the town, at cartoon-style speed, past the whitewashed walls of town houses and little churches to the hotel that looked out over the town towards the Aegean. All that was above us was the acropolis.
It was without doubt one of the most memorable hotel transfers I have taken!