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The course costs 1,240 euros, is offered online as well as on site, and is chiefly aimed at recent graduates and professionals
26.06.15 - 12:44 -
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Malaga is the first university in Spain to teach postgraduate Law course in English
Some of those involved in the course. :: M. M.
The course costs 1,240 euros, is offered online as well as on site, and is chiefly aimed at recent graduates and professionals
The Malaga Law faculty is set on taking the lead in the provision of postgraduate studies. In collaboration with the International University of Andalucía (UNIA), the department is teaching the first postgraduate Law course in Spain taught in English.
“It has taken us two years to launch this project, but now we are pioneers in Spain and even in Latin America,” claims José Manuel de Torres, lecturer in Law and director of the course.
According to De Torres, a group of lecturers from the faculty realised that the centre’s students needed to graduate having been trained in English, not just for the type of client that there is on the Costa del Sol, but also because the big law firms now demand an advanced C1 level in the language.
“It’s not about learning English, but about learning the legal terminology, and the best way of doing that is being a student in a class,” said the director.
This initiative is aimed both at recent graduates and law professionals, and its objective is to offer them the opportunity to study English and Law without having to move abroad.
“If a student goes to the United States, they are going to have to study a type of law that is rarely going to be put into use here. Therefore the best thing to do is to study our own Law course in English,” added De Torres.
In its first pilot year, the course, which has an enrolment fee of 1,240 euros, was provided in two forms: in the classroom and online. The former took place at the UNIA centre in the Parque Tecnológico from September until March with a weekly class of four hours. “Before each class, the student already has the explanations inEnglish that the teacher is going to give in the classroom on a platform online,” said the director.
Non-native speakers
As for the teachers, De Torres says it was clear that to teach law, practising lawyers with a high level of English are needed.
“Some are surprised that the course is not taught by native speakers, but in Spain we have professionals with excellent training and a high level of English,” he added. That is why lecturers from the Carlos III and Autónoma universities in Madrid and the Pompeu Fabra university in Barcelona, among others, as well as professionals from the Colegio de Abogados in Malaga, with an English level of C1 or C2, have joined.
A total of 16 students (eight doing the online course and eight on site) participated in the pilot course and all are satisfied with the result.
“Before I had to use the dictionary a lot when I was reading and now I practically never have to resort to it,” said Macarena Bonet, a practising lawyer and student of the course.
For Francisco José Sierra, a recent graduate who is currently taking a master’s degree in Law, “the course has particularly helped me to consolidate knowledge which during the degree I was a bit confused about.”
But not all the students have been law professionals. Marta Galán is a translator and interpreter and has been looking for a course like this for a long time.
“I have learnt a lot of law terminology and for my profession that is essential,” she explains.
The second year of the course will start next September and lasts until June, and so there will be six sessions more than last year. No more than 20 students will be admitted.


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