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Spain’s largest ever footgolf tournament took place at Río Real in Marbella last weekend with American player Mark "Woody" Woodward crowned champion
13.03.15 - 12:47 -
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Players from 14 countries compete in footgolf open
A total of 88 players travelled from around the world to compete. :: SUR
The inaugural round of the 2015 European Footgolf Trophy Tour was held in Marbella’s Río Real Golf on 7 and 8 March with 88 players from 16 countries taking part.
The field included competitors from the UK (over 20), Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and the USA(representing the first time in the history of the sport that a US team has entered an FIFG tournament in Europe).
The two-day competition was won by Mark “Woody” Woodward from New Jersey (USA) who beat Julian Kelkel (Germany) in a playoff. “I never believed I could have won the tournament,” said the champion.
The top-placed Spanish players were Fernando Lago (30th position) and Gareth Morcombe (34), both members of FootGolf Marbella.
Co-founder of FootGolf Marbella (event organisers), Ivo Haagen, said: “We could not have been happier with the turnout of players travelling to Marbella to make it such a world class footgolf event.”
Footgolf is a sport that originated in Spain and Holland in 2009. With the declining membership of golf courses around Europe, many are opening their doors to this growing sport. The rules are similar to golf in that players have to strike the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible, but using their feet instead of clubs.
FootGolf Marbella
Those interested in taking up the sport can join a weekly league in El Campanario run by FootGolf Marbella that begins on 22 March. For more information visit: