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International travel web Lonely Planet includes the Caminito in its top 26 hottest new experiences for 2015 around the world
16.01.15 - 11:59 -
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Caminito del Rey is among Lonely Planet’s top thrills
The Caminito is due to open this spring. :: A. CABRERA
We have had to wait a long time for the restoration of the Caminito del Rey but now work is almost complete news of this unusual footpath is spreading far and wide. One recent example was revealed at the launch of this year’s Vuelta Ciclista, as the second stage of the cycling race will start in Alhaurín de la Torre and end in the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes inEl Chorro, sending images of the spectacular gorge to millions of television screens around the world.
However the sensation of the Caminito del Rey, whose grand opening is just weeks away, is now being acknowledged outside Malaga and Spain, attracting international tourism experts.
In its new guide of places to visit in 2015 the international travel web Lonely Planet puts the Caminito among other great experiences recommended for this year, including a visit to the top of new skyscraper in New York and a four-hour zip line ride across South Africa.
The experience appears in the new free mini-guide published online by Lonely Planet entitled “26 of the world’s hottest new experiences for 2015,” (which can be downloaded here
While New York’s One World Observatory takes the number one slot, the Caminito del Rey is number five on the list, a position that will mean a new boost to alternative tourism in the province of Malaga.
The authors of the booklet define the new attraction as “one of the world’s scariest hiking routes”. However the guide reassures potential visitors that while the original walkway before its restoration was a “white-knuckle path” across the sheer rock-face, now this, one of Spain’s most spectacular walking trails, is “no longer the preserve of professional climbers and adrenaline-seekers”, thanks to its renovation. “The views however, continue to take your breath away,” finishes the report.
Idyllic getaways
The area has not escaped the attention of other newspapers such as The Guardian, which has also picked up on the Caminito as a proposal for those looking for an adventurous holiday in 2015.


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