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Malaga province has the country's second highest number, after Alicante, of property sales made during the third quarterly period of 2014
19.12.14 - 10:38 -
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The latest figures released by the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Works) reveal that Malaga province had the second highest number of property sales in the country, after Alicante, during the third quarterly period of 2014.
The total number of properties sold between July and September in 2014 in Malaga was 5,900 (4,845 existing homes and 912 new builds) and of these, 1,918 were sold to foreign buyers.
The announcement makes it clear that Malaga’s property market is slowly recovering. These latest figures are higher than those during the same period in 2008.
Malaga is also the fifth Spanish province with growth in terms of percentage. Between July and September 14.2 per cent more transactions were made, which was only beaten by the provinces of Ceuta (60.8 per cent), Guadalajara, Madrid and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Within the province, property sales in Marbella rose by 29.7 per cent between July and September.
In these terms (property sales in the same period in provincial capitals or towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants), Marbella is beaten only by Ceuta, Pamplona, Mostoles, Bilbao and Guadalajara.
In Andalucía
Malaga’s figures are much higher than those of any other province in Andalucía. Second after Malaga comes Seville, with property sales of 2,726 and then Cadiz with 1,895.
The whole region of Andalucía has sales figures between July and September of 16,360 homes and of these 4,845 are existing buildings and 913 are brand new properties.


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