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The Nerja and Costa del Sol DFAS groups met in the city for a talk on Expressionism and a concert
12.12.14 - 12:25 -
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Culture seekers in Malaga
Helen Sijsling thanked Jorge Rando for the hospitality enjoyed by Nerja and Costa del Sol DFAS members. :: SUR
Members of NADFAS from the Nerja and Costa del Sol branches travelled into Malaga last weekend for a morning of concentrated culture.
The event started in the sculpture garden at the San Ramón Nonato church, where Helen Sijsling introduced members to the art works by Jorge Rando which are displayed there. The two groups then met in the Jorge Rando Museum for a talk about the artist and the Expressionist movement, after which they moved to the adjoining church for an Advent concert by the band of the Esperanza religious brotherhood. The church, which was part of the old monastery called ‘Monasterio de las Mercedarias’ hosts regular Saturday morning concerts of religious and classical music and the concert last Saturday, conducted by Juan Manuel Parra, included a number of Christmas carols guaranteed to be well known by the international audience.
After the concert the DFASmembers moved back to the patio of the museum, where Jorge Rando had set out refreshments for them. He spoke briefly about the museum, which he described as ‘La sala de estar del Arte’ (‘The living room of art’) - a “place of social cohesion”, whose doors are always open to everyone. The museum, he said, aims to expand the cultural amenities of Malaga through its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions by renowned Spanish and international artists, but it also places strong emphasis on its social responsibilities.


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