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The stretches of the Coastal Path will be opened as soon as they are completed. The first, in Mijas, will be ready this month
15.10.14 - 10:01 -
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Non-stop from Nerja to Manilva
Some stretches of the Coastal Route are almost complete :: J-L
Probably the idea of covering the more than 180 kilometres between Nerja and Manilva in just one day by bicycle or on foot is only for real sports enthusiasts, but it will become a possibility within five years thanks to the ‘Senda Litoral’, or Coastal Path. This project will join up the whole coast of Malaga by using existing seafront promenades and adding new paths as a means of connection.
However, it will not be necessary to wait five years to be able to enjoy this new way of travelling along the coast, according to Elías Bendodo, the president of the provincial government. The fact that each stretch will be brought into use as soon as it is completed is one of the strong points of this project, which has a budget of 30 million euros and will become the coastal version of the Great Trail of Malaga, which runs through the inland region.
Some of the opening dates for the different stretches have already been announced. At the end of this month the six kilometres in Mijas Costa, which will link La Cala with Cabopino, will be inaugurated and the works in Benalmádena should also be completed soon. In total, 14 coastal municipalities will benefit from the Senda Litoral, which in Nerja will start - or finish, depending on which way you do it - at the Balcón de Europa and end (or begin) at La Duquesa Port in Manilva. This is a distance of over 180 kms, of which 75 per cent is mainly along seafront promenades. “At present, works are being carried out on 17 kilometres in different municipalities,” explains Elías Bendodo, who recently met with the mayors of these municipalities to discuss the works which are being carried out in the short and medium term.
The Senda Litoral is the result of work by different administrations as well as the provincial government and local councils, including two ‘Mancomunidades de Municipios’ (East and West), the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry of the Environment via the Coastal Authority. Elías Bendodo is keen to stress the “ecological aspect” of this project, because the route passes through areas of great environmental and historical value. For example, there are 42 watchtowers along the coast, which will be signposted as an added attraction along the route, and remarkable places such as the Cantales de La Araña, El Peñón del Cuervo, Punta Chullera in Manilva, the Dunes at Artola and the mouth of the Guadalhorce river.
Some parts of the Senda Litoral are proving complicated to create, especially at the mouth of the Vélez river and the stretches that run between Torrox and Nerja and Calaburras and Calahonda, for which experts are currently working on a solution. The stretches which do not consist of seafront promenade will appear on the map as wooden walkways, or earth or cement paths.


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