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What to do in Andalusia


An abstract art exhibition promises to help people to relax during inland 'feria' celebrations
18.07.14 - 13:11 -
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Music-inspired art
The artist admits his style is not what people might expect. :: SUR
An artist from Alozaina is launching an exhibition of his paintings in the town, but admits his works are not what many of the villagers are used to seeing.
Painter and musician, Dermott McQuillan, says, “My style of painting is definitely what I would call abstract. It’s certainly not landscape painting, although people do see different things in my work that I don’t see. You take from it what you want.” He suspects, however, that some residents will be expecting canvases of white washed houses surrounded by olive trees.
“I paint music,” says Dermott, adding, “It’s where my inspiration comes from. I listen to freeform jazz and afterwards I paint, although I have also been looking at new approaches to music using a didgeridoo and percussion instruments.”
The ten-day show in the Aula de la Cultura in Alozaina is his first solo exhibition. “I had no idea how to even start preparing for an exhibition but the town hall approached me and asked me to run something over the week of the town’s ‘feria’. I would love to take my paintings to other other locations, galleries and other cities.”
With some of the 30 paintings on show as large as two metres by two metres, Dermott hopes that his exhibition will add something different to the ‘feria’ and he says the peaceful location of the venue will offer people a chance to relax and reflect on his work.
Although he only began painting seriously just over three years ago, Dermott has always had an artistic flair, studying computer generated graphics in the 1980s. He says, “I was always attracted to abstract art but I kept talking myself out of painting because I can’t draw. Then one day I came across something I’d started working on years before and I just convinced myself I could do it. Now I’m painting non-stop.”
Although the main objective of the exhibition is to share his work with the public, Dermott admits he would be happy to sell some pieces. “It would be lovely to say I could make a living from painting. That really would be a dream.”
The exhibition opens at 8.30pm on Friday 18th July and runs daily until the 27th July at the Aula de Cultura, Alozaina.