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A 15-year-old girl, Nicole Zanlith, has lost sight in her right eye after a vicious attack outside a disco in Marbella
21.08.13 - 11:35 -
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Reward offered for information about attack on 15-year-old girl
Before and after. A recent photo of Nicole on the left alongside a picture showing the results of her attack. :: SUR
A 15-year-old girl, Nicole Zanlith, has lost the sight of her right eye after a vicious attack outside a disco in Marbella. The young girl had gone with her sister and a friend to the Olivia Valere discotheque to see the famous French DJ, Bob Sinclar. They left at about 7am and were waiting for a taxi when a group of youths attempted to jump the queue. An argument broke out and the 15 year old tried to intervene to stop her friend being hit. The attackers turned on her and one of them thrust a broken bottle in her face leaving her seriously injured with six deep gashes in her forehead and one across her eye.
After the attack, the six youths left the scene on foot.
The father of Nicole, a Danish resident in Marbella, is offering a reward of 2,000 euros for information leading to the arrest of the attackers. He can be contacted at


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