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There has been a drop of up to 20% in the province compared with 2012, but in this municipality the prices are similar to those of last year
02.07.13 - 12:41 -
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Marbella’s summer rental prices remain unchanged despite the price war elsewhere
It is only in Marbella that prices remain unchanged. :: Josele Lanza
This summer the cost of holiday rentals in Marbella has remained the same as last year, in the luxury sector as well as for standard properties. The town has not been affected by the fierce price war which has affected other tourist areas of the province, where the cost of holiday rentals has dropped by up to 20 per cent compared with the summer of 2012.
Estate agents in the Marbella area confirm that prices have remained at the same level, although they point out that the demand differs according to the target market. The most fortunate property owners are those who attract clients from Eastern Europe. Travellers who come from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries from the former Soviet Union are the most popular this year because they rent the most attractive properties. In fact, they are able to pay an average of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per week for a villa.
Spanish clients, on the other hand, are very cautious about the price they pay for a holiday rental, says Daniel González of González & Asociados. The average price a Spanish family is willing to pay, normally for a fortnight, is about 2,000 euros. This is a similar figure to that of last year.
Svetlana Ciliuta, the manager of the Sapimar agency which deals with clients from Eastern Europe, says the best properties are booked up first. However, the clients have a long list of demands: the property must be on the sea front, newly built and luxurious and these are non-negotiable conditions. “Russian television, paddle tennis court... they ask for a lot of things and it isn’t always easy to find somewhere that has them all”, admits this expert in property rentals. “There are not a great many properties of these characteristics and that is why they book quickly”, she explains. Svetlana has a Ukrainian client who is prepared to pay 30,000 euros for two weeks in the peak season, but she has not yet found a suitable property for them.
New clients
Estate agents who work in this market say that new clients are coming to Marbella because it has been recommended by friends or other people. They tend to plan ahead, and as a general rule they book as early as the beginning of the year to make sure they find a property which meets their requirements.
Svetlana Ciliuta says that not all clients from Eastern Europe pay exorbitant prices for their stay in Marbella. “Some families, even those with two children, end up renting an apartment which only has one bedroom in order to save some money”, she says, because most rental apartments provide a sofa-bed. The average price paid by these clients is between 500 and 600 euros a week, and that is also similar to last year.
For businesswoman Kristina Szekely, who specialises in the luxury sector, the good rental season is closely linked to the arrival of the Arabs. This year it will not be until after Ramadan, in the first week of August, that these travellers, with their well-known love of ostentation arrive. Kristina reveals that these clients will pay on average between 30,000 and 50,000 euros per month without blinking an eyelid, while European travellers are likely to pay between 10,000 and 20,000 euros for a month’s rental.
A swiming pool and garden feature on the list of requirements of the clients who pay the highest prices and who tend to choose a property which is at least 500 m2 in size. Kristina Szekely says these Arab clients travel with their families, so it is usual for them to look for a property with room for half a dozen people plus two or three members of staff.
Contrary to the agents who work with the foreign market, Daniel González says there has been little business from Spanish clients this year. “There may be between 10 and 20 per cent more new clients, but the number of families who have asked for a quote has dropped by almost 30 per cent compared with 2012”, he says. He also confirms that clients frequently reduce their requirements in order to be able to rent a property. In his opinion, holiday rentals have dropped compared with last year not only because of the crisis, but also because the owners are refusing to reduce their prices.


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