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Rincón de la Victoria has won back a Blue Flag for the first time in ten years, whilst Fuengirola is stripped of its last three
30.05.13 - 18:39 -
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Twenty Malaga beaches awarded Blue Flags
La Cala del Moral has recently received the coveted Blue Flag. :: SUR
Twenty beaches across Malaga province have this year received the coveted ‘Blue Flag’ status, a certification by the global Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which recognises the highest standards of cleanliness, amenities and water quality.
With seven, Marbella is the municipality with the highest number of Blue Flag beaches this year, followed by Estepona.
Those Malaga beaches with the prestigious award this year are Algarrobo Costa, in Algarrobo; Ferrara in Torrox; Burriana and Torrecilla in Nerja; Benajarafe and Torre del Mar, in Velez Málaga; Cala del Moral, in Rincón de la Victoria; Malapesquera-Santa Ana and Carvajal, in Benalmádena; Artola (Cabopino), Venus-Bajadilla, Guadalmina-San Pedro, El Cable- Rio Real, Puerto Banús, Río Verde and Faro, in Marbella; in Estepona, El Cristo, El Padrón and La Rada; and in Manilva, Sabinillas.
Malaga, according to the official figures released last Friday, is the Andalusian province with the third most Blue Flag beaches, after Cadiz and Almeria, respectively.
Nationwide, Spain has a total of 551 Blue Flags this year, meaning it maintains its position at the top of the list in the northern hemisphere.
Year-on-year comparisons
2013’s register has presented some notable changes.
The municipality of Rincón de la Victoria has won back a Blue Flag for the first time in a decade, thanks to the improvements on Cala del Moral beach. These included the creation of wheel-chair friendly accesses, parking designated for disabled beach users, and the installation of new showers, toilets, a Red Cross hut, and litter bins.
The Mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, says: “We’ll continue working so that the rest of our beaches also carry the Blue Flag award.
“Our beaches are the jewel in our crown for tourism and we’re obligated to keep them in optimum condition for our residents and visitors alike.”
In 2010 and 2011, there were seven Fuengirola beaches with the distinction, but last year four of those were withdrawn and in 2013 the remaining three have also been revoked.
Lee Phillips, who runs a beach-facing bar in Fuengirola, tells SUR in English of his disappointment at this year’s result. “There’s no way of dressing this up. The lack of Blue Flag beaches in Fuengirola is bad news for the whole town.
“It highlights how over the past couple of years the amenities have not been maintained as well as they should have been and how the beaches need to be cleaned better and more often.
“The beaches are the town’s biggest tourist attraction and the town survives on tourism, so I’m surprised and concerned that the beaches are not a higher priority for the council. It’s a disgraceful state of affairs.”
Meanwhile, Marbella business owner, Suri Kaniyar, says: “The tourism industry is becoming ever more competitive, so I’m very pleased that Marbella has so many Blue Flag beaches as we need to stay one step ahead of the game to keep people coming back.”


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