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Between December and January there were 88 applications for new premises or a change of ownership
14.03.12 - 11:03 -
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Marbella sees an increase in applications for opening licences
Councillors José Eduardo Díaz and Eloy Ortega at a press conference last week. SUR
Small businesses in Marbella are weathering the storm in spite of the difficulties. Not all of them have managed to continue trading, but it is clear that the economic crisis has not affected the initiative of entrepreneurs and this is confirmed by the latest figures issued by Marbella Town Hall's Commerce department about opening licences. Between December 2011 and January 2012 a total of 88 applications were processed. Of these, 70 per cent were for new premises and the remainder for businesses which had undergone a change in ownership.
"These months were especially bad for the economy as a whole, but even so we have noticed an important increase in applications" says councillor José Eduardo Díaz.
The statistics show that this figure is 50 per cent higher than in the same period of the previous year. "What this reveals is that the small business sector remains active in Marbella. Even though many businesses have been forced to cease trading, almost immediately another one opens up, either in the same premises or somewhere else", explains the councillor. Many of the new businesses in Marbella are fashion shops, although there are others in almost all sectors, from bookshops, opticians, banks and clinics to jewellery, accessories and imports and exports of foods.
'Express' licences
The council has now introduced a new 'express' licence system and this has helped to generate more commercial activity in the town. "These express licences mean that businesses can open immediately, once the owners have made a sworn statement", explains José Eduardo Díaz. "Afterwards, of course, an inspection is carried out to make sure everything is in order". The council is also trying to help owners of small and medium sized businesses by modifying the regulations with regard to fines which are imposed on those who fail to obtain all the correct paperwork. The fines will be more closely aligned with the current economic situation and the work of the inspectors will be made easier. "The system will be much more flexible, but this doesn't mean that we are condoning failure to comply with the regulations. Our technicians will try to help the business owners and will ask those who do not have the necessary paperwork to ensure that they obtain it in order to continue trading".
José Eduardo Díaz also pointed out that the Town Hall is taking action to reactivate commercial activity in Avenida Ricardo Soriano. The council is trying to encourage large franchises to open up in this street in the heart of Marbella.


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