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The idea was proposed by local hoteliers who now want to change the airport’s code from AGP to SOL
15.06.11 - 10:17 -
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Airport to be renamed Malaga-Costa del Sol
Passengers at Malaga Airport. S.S.
The Government has given the green light to Malaga’s application to change the name of the airport. The modification from ‘Aeropuerto de Málaga’ to ‘Aeropuerto de Málaga-Costa del Sol’ was made official last week when it was published in the Official State Bulletin.
The idea came up more than a year ago when the Costa del Sol Hoteliers Association, Aehcos, saw the name change to Malaga-Costa del Sol as a way of strengthening the Malaga-Costa del Sol brand on the tourism market and associating the internationally renowned holiday destination with modern infrastructure. Support from the industry and the authorities was unanimous.
This week the Aehcos president, José Carlos Escribano, praised the decision. “It’s great news and we are very proud. With this change the sector wins and our destination gains extra value, especially as this has happened at the start of the great avalanche”, he stated.
The Costa del Sol Tourist Board explained that their acting chairman, Salvador Pendón, had headed the meetings with the airports authority to discuss the change. “This is important, the Costa del Sol brand appearing in the name of the airport is an achievement for the sector” said a spokesperson.
The next step in the campaign is to apply for the airport code to be changed from AGP to SOL. These codes are designated by the International Air Transport Association, IATA. The proposal is feasible in the sense that no other airport in the world has SOL as its code.


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