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The Interior Ministry believes that those responsible for the bomb attacks in Mallorca are now on the mainland
13.08.09 - 17:43 -

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The six most wanted ETA terrorists are probably on the run in Spain
MOST WANTED. Police need the help of the public to find them.
Security forces involved in the investigation into the bomb attacks in Mallorca, which claimed the lives of two Guardia Civil offices and injured many others, are convinced that the terrorists involved are now in Spain. They believe that, rather than return to France, they remained in Spain to continue their campaign of bombing.
The faces of the six most wanted ETA members adorn the walls of thousands of police, Guardia Civil and public offices throughout Spain and will do so whilst they remain at liberty. Although there is no direct evidence linking them to the latest attacks, intelligence reports make it a strong possibility.
The Minister for the Interior, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, confirmed on Tuesday that the six were “on the run” and that several months ago they were known to be involved in minor criminal activities before fleeing to France where they became a part of the ETA movement. From there they received instructions to cross the border and engage in a summer campaign of criminal activities. At least two of the group are known to be female and thought to be responsible for the bombs left on Sunday in the ladies toilets in restaurants in Mallorca. Police are currently examining footage from CCTV cameras and questioning witnesses in the hope of a positive identification linking the two women to the bombings.
For many weeks the police have been attempting to track the movements of the group, concentrating particularly on tourist areas and questioning letting agents, hotel staff and others, hoping for a positive identification. Suspicious vehicles traveling on the national highways have been stopped and ports, airports and railway stations have been put on alert.
In the wake of the Mallorcan attacks the police created “Operation Jaula” with 1600 officers dedicated to finding and arresting those involved, whether on Mallorca or mainland Spain.
Last Friday, as King Juan Carlos attended funeral ceremonies in Mallorca for the two Guardia Civil officers killed by the car bomb, ETA celebrated its 50th anniversary.

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