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31.07.09 - 10:13 -

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Police find second bomb in Mallorca
Guardia Civil officers inspect the scene of the crime. / EFE
Police bomb experts found a second explosive device on Thursday not far from where two Spanish Civil Guard officers were killed hours earlier on the island of Mallorca.
The experts subsequently evacuated people from nearby homes and commercial establishments and carried out a controlled detonation of the bomb.
The Civil Guard barracks where the second bomb was discovered is located near the spot where two officers were killed in an explosion around 2 p.m. Thursday.
The two policemen were killed by a limpet bomb that was stuck to the underside of their patrol car and detonated by remote control, the national government's delegate on the Balearic Islands, Ramon Socias, said.
A limpet bomb had been used in the last deadly attack attributed to the ETA terrorist organization, in which a police inspector was killed on June 19 in Arrigorriaba, a town in the Basque region.
Thursday's bomb blast came a day after a car bomb near the Civil Guard barracks in the northern Spanish city of Burgos injured more than 60 people and caused extensive material damage.
Spanish security forces had been on maximum alert for a week due to the possibility that ETA would carry out an imminent attack.
Those concerns were prompted by reports from France that the terror group had stolen three vans in that country and planned to use them as vehicle-bombs; one of them may have been used in the attack on the barracks in Burgos.
The airport in Mallorca's capital, Palma de Mallorca, was temporarily closed following the bomb attack, although it has subsequently been reopened.
Barracks and residences of Spanish Civil Guard officers have been one of ETA's main targets, with the group having carried out 89 such attacks resulting in 33 deaths during its history.
ETA has killed more than 850 people since taking up arms in 1968 to seek a Basque nation comprising parts of northern Spain and southern France.
The group has carried out about two dozen attacks since June 5, 2007, when it ended a unilateral cease-fire.

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